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This section describes step by step integration of django-plans with your application.

Enable plans application in django

Add this app to your INSTALED_APPS in django

INSTALLED_APPS += ('plans', 'ordered_model',)


The app ‘ordered_model’ is required to display the assets used in the django admin to manage the plan model ordering

You should also define all other variables in marked as required. They are described in detail in section Configuration via settings.

Don’t forget to run:

$ python syncdb

If you are going to use South migrations please read section Working with South migrations.

Enable context processor

Section Templates describes a very helpful content processor that you should definitely enable in your project settings in this way:

from django.conf import global_settings


Send signal when user account is fully activated

You need to explicitly tell django-plans that user has fully activated account. django-plans provides a special signal that it listen to.


You should send this signal providing user argument as an object of auth.User. django-plans will use this information to initialize plan for this user, i.e. set account expiration date and will mark the default plan as active for this account.


If you use django-registration app for managing user registration process, you are done. django-plans automagically integrates with this app (if it is available) and will activate user plan when django-registration send it’s signal after account activation.